Affordable estate planning for Arizona families using powers of attorney, wills and trusts. Call 480-229-6220 to schedule a complimentary consultation at your home or in our Ahwatukee office. Living Trust Phoenix Title
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  • Living Will(s)
  • One Arizona deed + recording
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    FOUR PEAKS PLANNING, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality and affordable last will & testament and revocable living trust estate plans to Arizona families. Since 2004, the four cornerstones of our estate planning include:
    • Preparing for medical incapacitation
    • Establishing guardians for dependent children
    • Controlling distributions to young beneficiaries
    • Reducing estate transfer time and costs

    Schedule an appointment online or call (480) 229-6220. We offer initial consultations at our Gilbert office, online using Zoom or, when needed, at your home. We serve clients across Arizona.

    Address: 1760 E. Pecos Rd. #347, Gilbert, AZ 85295

    Read about our history, our future when your family needs us and testimonials written by clients. Reviews are available on the Angie's List, BBB, Facebook, Google and Yelp websites.

    Making Your Plan Comprehensive

    Having the correct legal documents in place is important but it is only half of what is needed. For those handling your estate during your incapacitation or upon your passing, our goal is to avoid the "treasure hunt" and instead help you provide "treasure maps".

    Locating documents (birth certificates, insurance policies, etc.) and assets (banks, IRA custodians, etc.), providing contact information (extended family, friends, employers, neighbors, etc.) and medical information (conditions, prescriptions, etc.) are just a few of the critical documents that save hours, days and weeks of searching.

    This information is not collected by us to prepare your documents. We provide these forms for you to complete on your own and update over time. These forms are free to download here. We'll follow up with you annually to remind you to keep this information up-to-date.

    Revocable Living Trust Overview

    What is a revocable living trust? Revocable means that the creators of the trust can change or dissolve the trust at any time. Living means that the trust was set up during a person's lifetime, not after their passing.

    Learn more about revocable living trusts. We explain the difference between a living trust and a will and answer common questions.

    Thorough Estate Planning Consultations

    Affordable estate planning for Arizona families using powers of attorney, wills and trusts. Call 480-229-6220 to schedule a complimentary consultation at your home or in our Ahwatukee office.

    During our complimentary consultations we review sample documents including a last will & testament, a revocable living trust, powers of attorney for financial, medical and mental health, a living will/ advanced directive, and various types of deeds to easily transfer real estate.

    We believe there are three keys to consider during the creation of an estate plan:

    1. Your planning goals
    2. The workload placed on those handling your estate
    3. The impact on relationships between family and heirs

    Schedule an Appointment

    In-house and in-office estate planning appointments are available weekdays, weeknights and on weekends. Call (480) 229-6220, use the contact form below, or email us at info@fourpeaksplanning.com.

    Our Estate Planning Process

    Estate planning doesn't need to be difficult. True, there's a lot of estate planning document information on our website. But when all is done, clients routinely tell us how much easier the process was than they'd anticipated. Just ten to fifteen minutes of preparation should have you ready for an initial consultation. Here's the process:

    1. Contact us to schedule an initial complimentary consultation, which usually lasts 90 minutes.
    2. During the initial meeting or sometime after, we collect the legal names of those named in various parts of your estate plan. No personal data is necessary nor collected.
    3. A second 90-minute meeting will be devoted to the review, signing and notarization of your estate plan. Payment is made upon completion of signing.

    To get started today, call (480) 229-6220, use our contact form, or email info@fourpeaksplanning.com.

    Four Peaks Planning, Inc. is licensed by Arizona's Supreme Court as a Certified Legal Document Preparer (#81353). We provide all the services of an attorney except provide legal advice. We have several estate planning attorneys available when clients seek legal advice. We do not sell insurance nor do we provide financial planning services. We focus solely on quality and affordable estate planning for Arizona families. Contact us to get your estate plan underway today.

    Why Choose Us Over an Attorney?

    1. Cost without sacrificing quality
    2. Free consultations
    3. Quick service - often within one week
    4. Convenience of planning in your home
    5. Personal service which you will rave about (read our testimonials)
    6. Free ongoing support for you and your personal representatives & successor trustees

    Why Choose Us Over LegalZoom?

    1. No hidden costs
    2. Many planning options are not offered by online services *
    3. Review sample estate planning documents
    4. Extensive contingency planning to minimize future changes
    5. Free ongoing support for you and your personal representatives & successor trustees
    6. We support the local community

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